Contest Application

1.Contest Categories
✦ TEAM PRIZE: 3 - 10 team members per team, photographer included.
✦ CREATIVE PRIZE: Single Person.
2.Ask local G&G distributor/reseller for free G&G Banner, or contact G&G customer service at (Shipping fee for G&G Banner from G&G Headquarter is not included.)
3.Application: Download and complete the application form from official website:, G&G photo contest team will send out the verification letter.
4.Contestants must upload all photos to [Google Drive] or any other Cloud Storage. Application form must clearly show the link to the Cloud Storage.
5.Team list is final after applied, changing team member is not allowed.
6.G&G distributors/resellers are encouraged to sponsor contestants applied for TEAM PRIZE. (Each distributors/resellers could only sponsor one team.)


One CM16 LMG for each team member from the winning team. Maximum 10 members.

One ARP9 for each team member from the winning team. Maximum 10 members.


Each winner will receive 5 units of PCC9 as prize.
NOTE: Prizes will only be offered to winners/team registered on application form. No additional prize will be offered after contest ends.


1.Contestants and/or Teams agreed to follow the rules of this contest after applied. Please read all the rules thoroughly.
2.Contestants should consider the content of the submitted photos, including selection of Hot Spots/Attractions/Landmarks, Uniforms/Dressing, Structure of the photos. Do not over editing submitted photos.Do notphotomontage.Participants must include [Behind the scenes] photos and/or videos in submitted folders/links. Fail to include such photos and/or videos will be disqualified.
3.Contestants must pay attention to local regulations/laws during photographing, any illegal actions including carrying/displaying/operating Airsoft guns in public or irresponsible actions will be at contestants' own discretion.
4.Contestants acknowledge and agree all submitted photos/videos waived all intellectual property rights and become property of G&G Armament for commercial use for any given time.
5.If the submitted photo violates the rights of a third party, any damage/liability caused will be the contestant's or team's responsibility G&G armament will not be held liable for any unauthorized photos submitted.
6.Winner(s) must comply with local regulation/law of importation on Airsoft replicas, andaccept import duty and any other fees.If consignee address is at a country or province/state that prohibited Airsoft replicas, orrefuse to pay duty or any other fees for importation of prize(s), G&G Armament reserve the right to cancel prize delivery at sole discretion.

Contest Period

JAN.11th.2019 ~ SEP.18th.2019 (6PM)

Voting Period

SEP.23th.2019 ~ SEP.30th.2019



※ Above time periods are all based on GMT+8 Taipei time


1.The best photo (Single photo) from all submitted works wins the contest. Winner will be selected by G&G Team.
2.Bonus points will be added to final score if the photos are taken at the spot(s) from the preselected list from G&G Armament.
3.G&G reserve all rights to cancel [G&G International Hot Spot Photo Contest] if no submitted works qualified to this contest.

Contest Rules

1.Select 5 local Hot Spot/Attraction/Landmark, take photos with G&G Banner including all team members(photographer may not be included). Submit no less than 10 photos.
2.Bonus points will be added to final score if the photos are taken at the spot(s) from the preselected list from G&G Armament. Preselected list could be found from the attachment.
3.Submitted photos must include G&G Banner and team members or individual (Creative Prize). Photos with only G&G Banner and Hot Spot/Attraction/Landmark is not acceptable.
4.Format: JPEG or TIFF, 3000 x 2000 pixel and higher.



G&G Banner (Either one)

✧ FLAG-1: 150x120cm  ✧ FLAG-2: 200x65cm




Preselected List


Gold Prize

Alberto Pérez (A&O Airsoft Team)



Creative Prize

Paolo Morelli