This product is intended for users who are 18 years or older. / Always wear eye protection while shooting. / Misuse may cause injury or death. / The muzzle of an airsoft gun should never be pointed at someone to cause injury. / Read this entire manual to ensure proper usage. / Buyers and users should obey the laws and rules of the local authority. / Remove the battery from the product when it is not in use. / Turn off charger when batteries are fully charged. / Risk of fire and burns.


Contest Name Monthly Lucky Draw
Contest Dates Register your G&G Armament Airsoft rifles to enter. A G&G Armament hang tag will be included with any G&G replica rifle in the box. Logon to the G&G contest website and enter the numbers that on the tag for a chance to win an amazing prizes!
Contest Rules Purchase a G&G replica rifle from any authorized G&G retail store and register the numbers on the back of the hang tag to the G&G website. G&G will draw one “lucky draw” winner for a G&G product each month.
Event Process
  • Step1 :Purchase an Airsoft gun during the contest period and keep the copy of purchase/receipt and the G&G tag.
  • Step2 : Visit Luck draw official website and enter following information.
    Product Name, Invoice Number, Purchased Date, Purchased Location, Purchased Store, Store Website, Authentication Code, Serial Number
  • Step3 : Click on "Join us" and complete the personal profile:
    A : Scratch off the silver paint on the back of the G&G tag
    B : Fill the information into the corresponding fields.
  • Step4 : Lucky Draw monthly winner will be posted on the events page.
  • 1.    Each tag is limited to one entry only.
  • 2.    The tag must be the original G&G ARMAMENT tag.
  • 3.    Each tag enters Lucky Draw event will have a chance to win monthly for 12 month after registration.
  • 4.    G&G employees are not allowed to participate in any G&G related contests.
  • 5.    Retailers can participate in the contest as long as they register the correct information and have proof of purchase from G&G or a G&G distributor.
  • 6.    Incorrect or incomplete information will void the entry.
  • 7.    If you lost the G&G tag, then you need to show receipt or any kind of official proof of purchase from the dealer.
  • 8.    Please reserve the G&G tag for authorization and warranty purposes.
  • 9.    Please contact for any technical difficulties.
  • 10. Contest entry will be voided if the item is returned.
  • 11. G&G ARMAMENT reserves all rights on this contest at any time.