• To find the best of the best

Your Shooting skill will be challenged → Accuracy, stability, speed, movement, and team-work will play a vital role in completing the competition.
The competition is a high fast paced adrenaline rush that you have never experienced before. It will test your agility, eye-hand coordination, and will require quick reflexes.

• Promote Airsoft to new comers

The World Cup Extreme Shooting Sport Competition is a safe and fun event for all ages to enjoy. Beginner and veteran players will be challenged from the various stages offered at the World Cup Extreme Shooting Competition.

7 Modes

1.Competition Mode
2.Versus Mode
3.Random Mode
4.Practice Mode
5.Search and Destroy Mode
6.Hostage Rescue Mode
7.Time Bomb Mode


• Each hit of a M.E.T. II unit will be visible and accurate from the change of the light and sound.
• Scoring

M.E.T. II automatic times and records shooter’s score during the shooting competition.
Multiple M.E.T. II units can be connected with one another to create various unique scenarios.

Main Hardware – M.E.T. II

• The sounds and lights will change when hit.
• Build-in air-pressure sensor, far distance shooting is not a problem!
  (range: 0.2-2J)
• Rubber interface, high durability.
• 360 degree shooting available.
• Suitable for portable usage and applicable in different environments due to its small size and light weight.
• Available with 7 different modes.
• Up to 25 units can be connected at one time.