●This product is suggested for users 18 years or older.
Wear goggles while shooting.
●Misuse may cause injury or death.
Never point at humans and animals with the airsoft guns.
●Read the whole manual before using.
Buyers and users should obey the laws and rules of the local authority.

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Introductory guide for New Users
Please check the airsoft gun and the attached accessories.  
1.Please check the packaging.
2.Please check the attached accessories.
3.Please read the instruction first.
4.Please prepare the regular and fully charged battery for trial of the airsoft gun.
5.Please use the high quality BB pellets recommended by G&G.
How to Release Spring!
  For GR14 Series
1.Pull down the trigger guard then pull out the trigger set.
2.Pull out the gear box set.
3.Pull the lever to release the spring.
For GR16 Blow Back Series
Push the assist knob to release the spring.
For L85 Series
Press the lever to release the spring
  Unable to shoot
1.Check if the fuse blew.
2.Check if the battery wire is correctly connected.
3.Check if the wire is connected to motor correctly.
Remove stuck pellets from the barrel
1.Remove the magazine.
2.First, move the hop-up adjustment dial to the normal position. Then, put the cleaning rod into the inner barrel.
3.Remove the pellets from the barrel carefully.
How to avoid the stuck pellets:
1.Please use the high quality BB pellets.
2.Clean the inner barrel after shooting.
3.Lubricate the hop-up rubber with silicone oil. (Do not use WD-40.)
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